“I am Not Entirely Happy…”

    “Nu sînt deplin fericită decât aici, în țara mea”*, artist book, 2013-2016
    (19,8 x 28 cm, 119 pages, first edition of 10 copies)

    “I am Not Entirely Happy Unless I am Here, In My Country”

    author: Nicoleta Moise
    graphic design, editing & printing preparation: Alin Cincă
    language – romanian, spanish, valencian, english
    19,8 x 28 cm, 119 pages
    first edition of 10 copies, May 2016
    printed by Fabrik
    project financed by the town hall of Castellón in collaboration with EACC — Espai d’art contemporani de Castelló
    photo credits: Claudiu Ștefan