Miruna Radovici

Miruna Radovici (b. 1995, Bucharest, Romania) is a visual artist from Bucharest, who has a BA and a MA in Graphic Arts, obtained at the National University of Arts in Bucharest. She has a penchant for rendering a universe that includes self-referential, ironic elements, introspective moments, which she visually transposes through a multitude of mediums, meant to illustrate circumstances of intimacy, existential problems, all under the aegis of the private atmosphere of the subjects. Through an incorporation of a “biospheric” type, the works seek to strike a balance.


  • 2019 – at “Semaine Folle” Institut Supérieur Des Beaux Arts, Besançon, France – drawings and performance;
  • 2020 – (Feb) 2021 solo exhibition “Self Reflection is Hard From an Unflattering Angle” at Galeria Posibilă, Bucharest;
  • 2021 June – collective exhibition – ”Exploring art and nature”, Rendez vous aux jardin organized at the Ghica Domains in Răcari, Romania.

Instagram: @miruna.radovici


Self Reflection is Hard from an Unflattering Angle (2020)

I am My Father’s Son (2021)

notice how you’re holding your own hand (2022)