Bucharest White World
Katja Lee Eliad

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“Bucharest White World”, the third solo exhibition by Katja Eliad in Romania after “EATA” (Brukenthal National Museum, 2009) and „Super8” (Ivan Gallery, 2013), is comprised of a series of new works that take a self-referential look at various contemporary geopolitical issues, all the while maintaining a delicate balance between the spiritual, the poetic and the political.

Through “Bucharest White World”, a project that also serves as a manifesto, Katja Lee Eliad initiates a dialogue with the burden, borne individually, of the collective history of the Jewish minority to which she belongs. The shock of the other has been the cause of humanity’s greatest disasters, with the affirmation of diversity therefore becoming a categorical imperative, a continuous repetition to the point of automatism. The attempt to view history from the perspective of atonement forms the basis of this monument to memory – “Bucharest White World”. The notion of identity perceived in conjunction with time in an affective relationship with the geography of Romania provides the foundation of the emotional journey proposed by Katja Lee Eliad in the exhibition “Bucharest White World”.

Katja Lee Eliad translates into artistic language the experience of the migrant from the East, the view from within a “foreign body”.

The exhibition can be seen from Thursday to Saturday between 4 and 8 pm, or by appointment until 27th November.

This is a project of the Katja Lee Eliad Studio, a cultural action group established in August 2017 by the researcher Valentina Iancu and the artist Katja Lee Eliad.

We would like to thank Andrada Beşliu and Adela Iacoban.

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