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Performance one-to-one: Lala Misosniky
Installation: Virginia Lupu

“Through performative means Lala Mișoșniky explores the histories kept in the house where she spent her childhood, on Armoniei street – an elongated house specific to the architecture preferred by the small bourgeoisie during the inter-war period in Bucharest. Lala turned her family’s home into a squat, an artistic experiment which after two years left the house unfunctional (but still visitable).
The first episode, I live in everybody’s time, embodies the house and chronologically tracks the events that create the history of living in Armoniei street. The second episode, Classified, is an exercise of remembrance, an intimate and closed circuit through the atmosphere kept in the house. The story explored by Lala Mișoșniky, among the visual intervention of Virgina Lupu, brings to the visitor the research in endocrinology of the maternal belly button, preoccupied with rejuvenation and immortality. The play with the outage of the house, the exploration of the endocrinology archive, are among the proposals made by the two artists through the construction which maintains stories kept in Armoniei house”.

text by Valentina Iancu

The performance act will be one-to-one and it starts on 9th June until 18th June, only by appointment.

For appointments, contact us at: 0743730413 or

The project was realized with the support of Asociația Coolturală “Nouă ne pasă”, through Interesting times Bureau.

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