Masters Exhibition
Ariana Hodorcă, Ana Țăran

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Masters Exhibition
Ariana Hodorcă, Ana Țăran

curator: Matei Câlția

Vernissage: 2 July 2016 | 17:00

The masters project exhibitions began in 2002 at Galeria deINTERESE and continued to be held on an annual basis with the opening of Galeria Posibilă. This programme is centred on the importance of supporting and producing masters projects with a strong research component. Every year, Galeria Posibilă launches an open call for students of the National University of Art in Bucharest with a view to selecting two projects that will subsequently be exhibited at the gallery.

This year, unlike in previous years, the masters projects were selected following consultations with Daria Ghiu, Irina Botea, Alexandra Mihali and Lucian Bran. This was followed by discussions between the students, Irina Botea and Matei Câlția. The result was an exhibition that provided new perspectives on nature’s invasion of the urban environment and a story about identity with retracings in a created geography.

Ana Țaran // Masters in Dynamic Image and Photography, National University of Art in Bucharest
Helvetic Introspection: about personal experience and how the spaces in which Ana lives or has lived (Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, Romania, France) take the form of new identities, which in turn take the form of an fantasised space (Switzerland). A project featuring the film Behind the Moon, which made the final selection at the Corto in Accademia festival in Macerata, Italy, as well as photography and personal stories.

Ariana Hodorcă // Masters in Graphic Arts, National University of Art in Bucharest
Captured Landscapes: about the abstract form of natural green and of the plants that wrap urban space in personal interpretations of our relationship to verdure. The project encourages us to reflect on the way we observe, interpret and view natural space in the city perhaps as an invasion of green and a nullification of architecture.

Project co-financed by The Administration of the National Cultural Fund.

The artists who presented their masters projects through this project at Galeria Posibilă are: Irina Botea, Anca Benera, Maria Draghici, Vali Chincișan, Stefan Sava, Irina Spinu, Larisa David and Larisa Crunţeanu, Nicoleta Moise, Adina Mocanu, Irina Hachi Ghenu, Lucian Bran and Sorina Vazelina.

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